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How To Go From Zero To Hero and Make Six Figures A Year As A Developer (Without Any Programming Background)
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Dvir is a coding fanatic and founder of The Accelerator. He's a self-taught programmer and developed apps that got millions of downloads
You're Going To See
  • How To Start Learning Programming From Zero... Even If You have zero technical skills, coding, or experience
  • Proof Of The Huge Demand For Blockchain Developers. Hundreds Of Companies Paying $100k+ A Year For Good Developers.
  • What Exactly Is Blockchain Development, Internet 3.0, Decentralized Applications, Smart Contracts, Solidity.
  • A Full Game Plan That You Can Start Executing Today To Learn Programming.
  • How To Do A Career Shift Without Having A Computer Science Degree, Even If You're 40+ with a full-time job.
  • My Personal Story About How I Learned Programming From Scratch After Highschool And Created Android Apps That Got Millions Of Downloads.
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